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Writing Ideas.

Write something everyday, even if it's only for 5 minutes. Look at objects around you, pick one and write something that comes into your mind about that object. Do not cross anything out, just keep going, it can make the most silly of stories/notes ever, but at least you are writing.

I had the word 'Typewriter' recently as my word, the following is what I wrote:

"The typewriter sat on my desk, dusty and dirty. I hadn't been able to go near it since it happened a year ago. They always say the first year is the worst, so it's been bad enough. I don't think I could face another year like it. I stand looking down at it, the letters peering back at me. A piece of paper folded by time with words waiting to be written. Slowly I raise a finger and start to feel the keys. I can feel the dirt under my finger tip. I snatch my hand away, I can't, it doesn't feel right. A duster sits next to it, maybe if I cleaned the typewriter it would be easier? Carefully and painstakingly I clean each letter, I replace the old paper with a new one. I sit in my upright chair...."

As you can see, it is in it's raw form. I have not edited it, but I've written something. It could lead onto anything you want. What happened a year ago to stop the typing? What has changed now? What is the typewriter used for? Who is the main character? What's going to happen now?

Another version of this is to write random words down on pieces of paper/card and put them into a container, pick a word out at random and write about that word. It can be as abstract as you like, once I had the word scissors and I imagined a pair that I went on to describe in detail and what work was done with them.

To get you started here are 7 words, pick a different one each day to write about:

 actress   summerhouse      beach    bicycle    plumber   milkman   perfume  


More ideas to follow....